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Property development

AFTER-MOUSE.COM offers you a participative interface in which presentations become a real dialogue, where customers become fully involved in their acquisition. This interface is a true technical innovation, which immerses you in a world where virtual and real sit shoulder to shoulder.

It is sometimes difficult to project oneself into the future, but thanks to the AFTER-MOUSE.COM interface your clients can discover all your planned developments, even before the first brick is laid! Using this revolutionary new tool, potential investors can explore buildings in detail, with site plans, animations, 3-D models of interiors and exteriors, photographs; all this is available with just a touch.

By offering ever more personalized services and advice, you can meet your clients' expectations and achieve the best possible satisfaction rates.

Groundbreaking new features

Site plans and sales drawings

Site plans enable you to best present your properties, including the various types of apartment, room dimensions and arrangement, etc., providing your clients with an overview of the available properties. They can then select their preferred property and access all information about it (detailed information pages, photos, videos, etc.).

3-D interior and exterior models

Documentation interactive

Your clients can visualize your buildings in 3-D, and walk around them as if they were there. Each individual apartment can be modeled so that they can go into whichever one they choose. The clients can then begin their 3-D virtual tour and choose their furniture, change the wall coverings, floor coverings, etc. They can also appreciate the actual view from their windows and balconies and discover the overall layout of the building.

Interactive documentation

Documentation Interactive

Brochures, booklets, corporate documentation, photographs, videos, 3-D animation, etc. This application helps you to present your planned development more clearly and accessibly without the need for any printed documents. Several windows can be opened at the same time, enabling multiple users to exchange information.


Documentation Interactive

This application provides geolocation of your planned developments, allowing their geographical location to be displayed, together with all access routes and neighboring places of interest on a map using the latest Bing Maps™ technology.

Transferring information

Your clients can send themselves documents, including photographs, videos, perspectives, plans, survey, brochures, etc. at any time by email, or by transferring them to a USB key or cell phone.

Object recognition with Microsoft® Surface®

Place your card on the touch screen unit to be identified. This can be used for a wide range of purposes: an administrator card for access to information, specific cards for direct access to a given type of apartment or a specific floor, client cards to recall their selection, etc.

A turnkey content management tool is provided with all of our custom-made applications, enabling you to manage your content (photos, videos, text, brochures, plans, etc.) yourself.

A wide range of other features can be added on request!